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Express car wash in Salem, Virginia with free vacuums, microfiber towels, and vacuums with every wash. We offer monthly unlimited plans for each of our washes. With our monthly plans you just pay one low, monthly price.

We offer five different types of washes.
Our five washes are:
* $6 Basic Wash that comes with Presoak, Tire Clean, Spot Free Rinse and Power Dry.
* $10 Rain X and Shine Wash that includes the Basic Wash plus Wheel Clean, Double Presoak, Undercarriage Wash, Rain X, Tri Color Foam Bath, and Tire Shine.
* $15 Hot Wax and Shine Wash that includes the Rain X and Shine Wash plus Bug Prep, Simoniz Carnauba Hot Wax, and the Dry N' Shine.
* $18 Lava Shield Wash that includes the Rain X and Shine Wash plus the brand new 4 step Lava process that includes the: Lava Bath, Lava Shine, Lava Waterfall, and Lava Seal. This new process helps to give your car a showroom shine every time! This was also comes with the Dry N' Shine and brand new Jet Dry Blowers that heat up the drying process to help better dry your vehicle!
* $20 Manager's Special that includes everything!

Fast Pass Unlimited Monthly Plans
- Unlimited washes each and every month starting at just $29.95!!!!
* Manager's Special $49.95
* Lava Shield $44.95
* Hot Wax & Shine $39.95
* Rain X & Shine $29.95


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